Learn about sun, moon, and planets for Aries sign. Aries signs can learn more insight into their personality by knowing how the sun, moon, and planets affects them.

Astrology has an excellent way of telling you how everything in the universe is connected. Yes, it’s not scientific; there is no concrete evidence about specific phenomena, and it heavily relies on intuition and patterns. But that does not mean it’s less interesting!

As you should know, it’s not enough to know your zodiac sign (basically your sun sign), as other things can ultimately explain your personality, attitude, and behavior comprehensively. Let’s dig a little deeper and explore what the stars have to say to an Aries like you, shall we? Here’s all you need to know about the sun, moon, and planets in Aries signs.

Sun, Moon, And Planets In Aries Signs

Sun Sign

Your sun sign is Aries. This is your identity. This sign tells you that you, as an Aries, are fierce, bold, and healthy. It means that it is in your nature that you are competitive and adventurous. The sun sign represents the drive you feel deep down that helps you express who you really are. This is what people see when they first meet you.

Moon Sign

Your moon sign could be anything among the twelve signs. This is your subconscious side; it is the force that drives your emotional reactions. It helps you feel things: happiness, sadness, guilt, envy, and it also tells you how you could do better and improve yourself. This is the second thing people notice when they get to know you a little more.

To put things in perspective, here are things that you can expect if your moon sign falls under any of the following signs:

  • Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius)

If things are new and different, you react to them with more excitement. When you feel confident, veer away from the negativity, and show your strength and fierceness, that’s when you feel the closest to your inner self.

  • Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo)

You tend to be stable when things are new and different. You feel the closest to your inner self when you are productive and working towards a particular goal.

  • Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio)

Facing new and different things with emotion and sensitivity is a water sign thing. You are most connected with your inner self when you are emotionally invested in something.

  • Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius)

If things are new and different, you are always objective and rational. You are most connected with your inner self when you have a creative outlet and continuously interact with the people close to you.

Ruling Planet

Zodiac signs correspond to stars’ constellations, but since the planets of our solar system are closer, they have a huge influence on personality; they also rule over zodiac signs. Your ruling planet represents your foundational characteristics, tells how you interact with people and identifies which aspect of your career you would excel.

In simpler terms, this means that the planets are the zodiacs’ bosses, and your boss is Mars. Being the Greek god of war tells you that you are determined, driven, and courageous. You won’t ever back down without a fight because you want things your way. You exude confidence that won’t ever go unnoticed because wherever you go and whatever you do, you are always an initiator. An Aries is the human form of a burning candle in a pitch-black room.

Learning about astrology is not only fun, but it also exposes you to things you might not know about yourself. To know more, you should note the time and place of your birth, since the sky moves every minute of every day. Even if you’re born as an Aries, your personality may differ from another Aries because you might have different placements.

Here is a little tip to make things easier for you: go and figure out your natal chart! If you haven’t heard of it, a quick Google search will tell you what it is. It will also provide a thorough explanation that would surely make you more interested in astrology. These might also provide clarity on some things you feel inside you that you can’t really explain. Hop on this astrology train, and seek what the stars tell you!


Sun, Moon, And Planets In Aries Signs