Your Aries kid comes with great moments and possibly, some struggles. Here are some helpful tips for raising your Aries sign child.

Hello, parent! The thought of raising a child really is nerve-wracking, and it only gets worse when the kid is an Aries (kidding!). Having a fire sign around can be equally challenging and fun; the skies are not always blue, and the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

No matter how much thrill they seek in life, as parents, it is your job to discipline your children and let them know when enough is enough. If you’re worried about how your child will grow to like a typical fire sign – rebellious and daring – fret not! You’re not alone. Here are 5 tips for raising an Aries child.

5 Helpful Tips for Raising An Aries Child

Tips for Raising An Aries Child, Aries Kid

1. Always give them your attention

This is the number 1 rule to parenting, but it is extra needed if your child is an Aries. Being a fire sign, they would literally do anything to get an ounce of attention.

You might notice how they would even go as far as to beg for it, should they feel neglected. Impatience is also in their nature, so expect a lot of crying and throwing around of toys. If they’re not hungry, they are definitely hungry for attention.

2. Notice their actions, and act accordingly

Although another basic rule for parenting, an Aries baby could get out of control when not handled properly. These naughty fire signs probably would want things to go their way, and they would throw a fit if it means getting what they want.

Do not be scared to reprimand them. These kids are smart. They can discern whether your anger comes from pure sincerity or not. Just do not be harsh to them, because you could talk to them about their wrongdoings. Remember, at the end of the day, they’re still children.

3. Prepare for late nights

Fire signs are born to explore the world around them. They are easily distracted even by the smallest stimuli. It only takes a second for an Aries baby to go from crying for a bottle of milk to running around the house chasing your pet dog.

You might have to baby-proof your home if it’s not baby-proofed yet. These kids are very active, and they almost seem like they never run out of energy. Here, have a cup of coffee for your early mornings and late nights with your little one!

4. Handle with care, for their emotions quickly shift

Your child would have numerous bursts of anger throughout the day, but don’t stress too much. They are quick to get up and laugh just as much as they are easily angered.

Fire signs also value physical touch, so do shower your kid with as many hugs and kisses as you can. Not only will they love these random acts of love, but your bond with your kid will also grow stronger.

5. Be there for them emotionally

This is also straight out of the parenting rule book, but relating to tip number 4, these Aries kids are emotional. They might seem tough on the outside, but you will see how vulnerable they are inside if you push hard enough.

It is natural for them to bottle their emotions as a fire sign as they always want to seem strong and fierce to other people, but do not let this fool you! Always be there for your child and make them feel that you are available to talk about anything. 

Being a parent is daunting. You have tons of responsibilities to stay on top of making a living, doing household chores, and raising a kid. But just like anything else in this life, the only way out is through.

You’re not alone in this journey, and it feels lighter to know that other parents think about what it would be like to raise a kid, an Aries, not to mention. Apart from knowing the basic characteristics of an Aries, it would be of great help to know your child’s moon and sun signs, as these would tell you more about their demeanor. But the most important tip you could get as parents is this – love your kid the best way you know how. You can and will never go wrong. 


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