Curious about compatibility for Aries signs? Here are zodiac signs that are considered the least compatible with an Aries.

When it comes to dating, natural compatibility isn’t the only thing that matters. That said, it can certainly help make things go smoother if you’re innately compatible.

Otherwise, both parties need to exert way more effort than if you’re a great match in the first place. One of the best ways to know if you’re fit with each other is to get to know one another on a deeper level.

But since many of us believe in the zodiac, why not refer to it then? Well, believe it or not, but your signs alone can tell whether you and your partner are meant to be.

For Aries folks, you’ve probably heard or seen which signs you’re the most compatible with, like Leo and Sagittarius, but not often (or not at all) about signs that are the least match to your Aries sign. If so, then this article is just right for you.

3 Signs That are Least Compatible with Aries

Zodiac Signs That Are Least Compatible With An Aries Sign

Aries represents the Ram, which is a fire element. According to astrology, zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn are the least compatible with Aries. That’s because Cancer is a water sign while Capricorn is the earth sign.

Meanwhile, there’s also Libra that, the air element. Aries, which are under the sun sign, tend to be extroverts. They are sociable and very energetic, just like their ruling element.

Thus, signs like Cancer and Capricorns that are more conservative and introverted aren’t suitable matches with Aries. As for Libra, it’s the opposite sign of Aries, so naturally, this combination doesn’t work well, too. Here’s a more in-depth analysis of how it would be for Aries to be with these three signs:

1. Cancer

You are brash, whereas Cancer is sensitive. This particular pair will soon clash since your aggressive approach can cause the delicate Cancer to hide behind their protective shell. Sounds like a disaster, huh? That’s not all.

Cancer is the type of person that needs to be with someone who considers their rich and nuanced traits. However, they can’t find that in you who’s an Aries because you normally don’t provide that sort of support, specifically to a new partner.

Moreover, Cancer likes to rely on others for help, while you are more of the self-dependent type that stands by yourself without any support if you fall.

2. Capricorn

If there’s one thing Capricorn and Aries have in common, they desire to get things done. But that’s where the similarities end. Your approaches are completely different.

A Capricorn partner who has an Earth sign is all about accomplishing things through careful planning and laying a solid foundation. On the other hand, you, who’s an Aries, do something and act spontaneously.

Simply put, Capricorn is responsible where you’re bold. Furthermore, you disagree with Capricorn’s ways since it’s contradictory to your child-like methods. Remember, you’re into innovations and experiments, while Capricorn is all about traditional and conventional approaches.

signs that aries hate

3. Libra

Aries is like Tom to Libra’s Jerry. They’re as opposites as it gets, and unfortunately, in this case, the saying “opposites attract” doesn’t apply.

A Libra is someone who’s characterized by balance, and then there’s you who live in extremes, to say the least. In other words, both of you would need to have tons of discussions to come to a true.

If not, agree to disagree. Also, your Libra date prefers to maintain peace at all times, but then you don’t bat an eye (and prefer it even) to be assertive and argumentative so that you can work things out. You’re decisive and can make up your mind in a flash, where Libra is easily unsettled and is certainly not the most resolute person.

As if those aren’t enough proof that you and Libra are a bad match, your fiery temper is a whole contrast to Libra’s mellow and soft self. Oh, and there’s also that thing about Libra’s lack of passion for your very passionate persona.

Final thoughts

It takes both of your dedication and efforts to keep it going and be harmonious together with relationships. The thing with zodiac signs is that they speak to many of us in a profound way that we can’t help but somehow ‘consult’ with them when deciding who’s the most compatible love match for us.

The truth is, everything is possible, and even the most contrasting personalities shine the brightest when they’re together. Just don’t be so quick to write someone off because they’re the opposite of your sign, and at the same time, don’t go easy on someone whose sign is supposed to be a good match to yours. Take everything (and everyone) with a grain of salt!


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