Curious if that Aries girl is right for you? Here are some signs that an Aries woman might be falling out of love.

This may go against everything you know about an Aries woman, but if you see past that fast-paced nature, you will find someone happy to slow things down for someone they love.

An Aries woman is actually a big romantic, and they’re not hesitant to direct all their fiery energy into a relationship – as long as they really want to. Being in love with them can feel like you’re in front of a blazing fireplace amidst a snowstorm, but when they start falling out of love, it can feel like an impending forest fire – devastating and inevitable.

Worried that you might be in the latter situation? To help clear things up, here are signs an Aries woman is done with you.

6 Signs An Aries Woman Is Done With You

Signs An Aries Woman Is Done With You, Aries love

1. She would instead do things without you

Like most fire signs, your Aries woman is probably an adrenaline-junkie who won’t think twice about getting in a cab with strangers to go to a club she’s never heard of. That may be the reason you fell for them, but it could also be one of the first signs that she’s falling out of love.

When she starts making plans without you and no longer keeps you in the loop, it may be time to sit down and have a talk – that is, if you can get a hold of her.

2. She’s listening to you less

No Aries person is notorious for being patient. So, another telltale sign that your Aries woman might be thinking of putting you and your relationship behind her is that she’s becoming more unwilling to lend their ear.

Aries is not one to dwell on the little things, especially if those little things involve your emotions, so if you find her drifting off while you’re talking, you might be in hot waters.

3. She’s gone back to doing the things that make you uncomfortable

Now, an Aries does not usually do something out of spite; it just doesn’t go with their whole thing of enjoying every minute of life. However, without intentionally trying to be hurtful, an Aries woman can be less thoughtful.

For instance, she may forget to do things that you’ve already talked about in the past, like leaving the lights on or eating food off of your plate. Again, she doesn’t usually do these things intentionally. She just… started caring less.

Signs An Aries Woman Is Done With You, Aries relationship

4. She’s more irritable

Aries is ruled by Mars, representing power and war, so don’t be surprised when your Aries woman starts picking fights more often. If she starts spewing lava after you’ve left dishes in the sink for 5 minutes, then there’s probably something deeper going on that she’s not telling you.

Although it can be hard just to let her blow off some steam and take everything she throws at you (literally or otherwise), tries your best not to match her fury. That would be like throwing some kindling in a fire. 

5. She’s criticizing you more often

Aries people are not afraid to demand the things they want or need, plus the love being in the spotlight. In other words, they thrive when they have power and are in control. For Aries women, this may manifest as being critical, especially if they no longer like you.

It’s usually a sign of an overdue breakup when they start randomly to find something wrong with the things they didn’t before.

6. She’s asking for more breaks

As mentioned, an Aries woman doesn’t enjoy sweating the small stuff or the stuff that they don’t want to deal with anymore. Another sign that your relationship is in trouble is that she asks for more breaks, even if it’s just over little disagreements. When she wants to leave, she will, but she might not do this permanently right away because Aries women don’t have icy hearts.

Nobody likes admitting that their relationship is ending. However, the fact is that you need to grow up and face the truth sooner or later. It’s best if you bring it up – since an Aries woman definitely won’t. You never know. Maybe talking about it as soon as you notice these signs can even save your relationship.


Signs An Aries Woman Is Done With You, Aries compatibility