Wondering if that Aries boy is showing the right signals for love? Here are signs that an Aries man might be done with you.

Hey, girl! It’s past midnight from where you are. Your man is asleep, and you might be overthinking how he has been treating you lately. Was he cold? Does he not value you as much as when you started dating? Are you looking for THE signs?

One thing an Aries man naturally is is unpredictable. They are known to jump from one thing to another in a snap.

However, this does not happen all the time, especially when they happen to be excited about the things they surround themselves with. But the catch is: Aries men are so hard to read, and it’s just as hard to get them to talk. Read up and see if you recognize these signs that an Aries man is done with you.

Signs an Aries Man is Done with You

4 Signs An Aries Man Is Done With You, Aries love

1. He does not respond as fast as he used to

On the first week of dating, you find yourself not putting your phone down. The butterflies are always there, whether he gets too deep in his feelings or he updates you with how his day is going.

But things are starting to feel different now. Is he starting to send “Sorry, I fell asleep last night!” messages? Is he not sending you cute pictures of him or his dog anymore?

Don’t worry just yet! Aries men, as much as they get all clingy, need their alone time. See if that’s the only thing he needs; step back and give him a breather. If that’s not the case (which you’ll be able to sense, for sure), it’s best to take this up with him and talk about it.

2. He slowly fades into thin air

This is a no-brainer. If you do not hear from him in 2 or so days, it’s obvious that he’s over with you and your relationship, if he even considers it one.

An Aries man is turned off with needy partners, especially when they have established that they are not into a serious relationship. Flings and one-night-stands are usually the types of relationships that could land you an Aries, but this is not to say that this is the only thing they do!

Tip: Never go after an Aries that ghost-ed you. Apart from saving your dignity (because let’s admit it, no one deserves to be treated that way), they would stay away from you even more. These men need their freedom, and they hate it when things get complicated.

4 Signs An Aries Man Is Done With You, Aries relationship

3. He feels confused

When he tells you that he is confused with what he wants in a relationship, he would most probably give you the cold shoulder and then not talk to you in the coming days. You will slowly feel him isolating instead of talking it out with you.

He will start to have these weird mood swings, getting irritated over the slightest things or lashing out because he didn’t get enough sleep. When things start to get tough, once you push the wrong buttons (which is not hard because they can become pretty sensitive), everything will be over before you even know it.

4. He tells you that it’s over

Everyone has their limits, and when Aries men have had enough, they would be straightforward; they will tell you what made them snap and end the relationship right there and then. This also serves as a heads up: they won’t be gentle about it.

It is such an Aries thing to spit words without thinking twice; they know it could hurt you, but they wouldn’t care less. At this point, they have already decided to cut you out of their lives, so there would be little to no repercussions for their actions.

Teen fiction books taught you what love is supposed to look and feel like; impressive and destructive all at once. It could be as calming as the eye of the storm just as much as it could be like the raging of a thousand souls in pain.

But to be with an Aries man is none of these. It’s like speeding up on a freeway at 3 a.m. with The Smiths on the radio, and then suddenly, it’s pitch black.  It definitely is a roller coaster ride, so buckle up,!