Aries women are the embodiment of confidence. And due to their enthusiastic vibe and vibrant energy, people often find themselves swept by them.

With a great sense of confidence and competitiveness, it’s no surprise that Aries ladies are more drawn to men of action rather than men of words. She exudes a rugged yet feminine aura, which makes a relationship more exciting and unpredictable. A headstrong personality and impressive charisma to boot, needless to say, it can be a real challenge to get an Aries lady to fall in love with you.

But chin up! This is exactly what we’re here for. Read on to know the signs if she likes you and, more importantly, a couple of tips on making her find you attractive. 

How To Attract An Aries Woman

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How do you know if an Aries woman likes you?

Aries has the edge over most signs, and it’s their being straightforward. They go after what and who they want. Still, it’s better to be sure. Want to know if an Aries woman is coming onto you or not? Here’s how to tell.

  • She directly asks you on a date or for your company.
  • She’s suddenly on all your regular spots.
  • She sends your texts the entire day.
  • She’ll go with you on a spontaneous journey or date.
  • She doesn’t shy away from kinship.
  • She’s considerate of you and looks out for you.
  • She talks about what’s on her mind about your future together.
  • She’s a great flirt
  • She’ll be charming as charming can get
  • She shows interest in meeting your loved ones.
  • She likes spending money on you.
  • She gets excited when talking with you.

Tips To Attract An Aries Woman

If there’s one thing Aries likes on their man, it’s confidence. Without it, you stand a little chance. Aries women have the fire element for a reason. She will gladly match wits with any man she crosses paths with. Interestingly, she’s also the kind of lover that wants someone who makes her feel powerful in a ladylike way. Here are some tips you can follow to make her like you:

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1. She likes a challenge, so be one

Show her that you’re deserving of your attention, but leave something for her to wonder about. Put on an aura of mystery, to say the least, and pretend that you have just a little fascination in her. She’s an Aries, and she will see this as a challenge, and that’s when she’ll come after you.

2. Be direct as well

Subtleties are not her thing. Be clear that you’ve got hots for her, and don’t just hope that she will take the hint. Being an outrageous flirt will capture her attention. Once you have that, sit back and let her make the next move.

3. Keep things new and fresh

An Aries girl is a risk-taker and an initiator. If she wants to call the shots for your dates, you should be the right partner and let her. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, she’s drawn to novelty. As such, include as many “firsts” in your romantic itinerary.

4. Avoid making her deliberately jealous

This tactic won’t work with Aries women. You may think she’ll fall in love with you more, but it will be the opposite. Remember, she has a temper, and nothing will arouse her wrath more than a display of disloyalty. Show her that she’s the only one for you and in your eyes. Otherwise, she will quickly lose interest in you

5. Don’t tie her down

Her freedom is something she holds very dear. If you want to win her heart, then you need to reign in your controlling side. Hence, she won’t like it one bit if she sees you as a threat to her independence.

6. Pour your heart out

She’s an affectionate and honest partner, and she expects you to be the same. Please don’t hold back your emotions and tell her all of it. She’ll be more comfortable with you, instead of resorting to any romantic pretense or mind games.

7. Show her you’re passionate and confident

Aries women like to be with someone who’s as equally driven and energetic as she is. They’re into confident men and can even have themselves be at the mercy of, albeit in sporadic instances. Just make sure not to cross the line between confidence and arrogance.

So, you think you have it in you to be that kind of man an Aries lady wants? The most important thing here is to be truthful, direct, and affectionate. She speaks her mind, so she’ll tell you what she likes or dislikes about you. You need to have the heart to accept those and work your way from there. 


How To Attract An Aries Woman