Browsing for Aries dating advice? Before you date an Aries, check out this list of creative date ideas with an Aries zodiac sign.

You just asked out your crush (who is an Aries? Really? Kidding!) on a date and it’s probably 2 AM from where you are right now. Thinking on what to do for your first date might be one of the things that’s keeping you up, and, to give you a bit of reassurance, you are probably not the only one. But fret not, because you’ve come to the right place.

Before anything else, here’s a quick crash course on what an Aries is like: As a fire sign, they are passionate, driven, spontaneous, and confident. They would most probably like to be in control of most things, but you could also drag them to super fun activities. You do not have to overthink; here are different ideas to spice things up on your date with an Aries.

Aries Zodiac Sign Date Ideas: Creative Ideas For Dates With An Aries

Aries Zodiac Sign Date Ideas: Creative Ideas For Dates With An Aries

1. Spend a weekend hiking

Since an Aries is free-spirited and adventurous, they would appreciate an outdoor experience for a date. Their search for that adrenaline-pumping activity is in their nature, and they are also known to be one of the bravest in all of the zodiacs. So, if you’re not afraid of heights, you might want to book that trip and head to the mountains over the weekend.

2. Ask them out on a long drive

Being up for an adventure at any time of the day, an Aries would definitely be the first to hop on the car when you ask her for a long drive. It’s a bonus if this is spontaneous, but either way, Aries people would be down for this. Honestly, they would do this over a chill dinner at home in a heartbeat.

Aries Zodiac Sign Date Ideas

3. Invite them over for game night

This would be an activity that an Aries would enjoy, since they are super competitive. Being a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars (which also happens to be the god of war in Greek mythology), their want to win in even the smallest things is innate.

4. Ask them to play laser tag or archery

These are not mainstream date ideas, and would definitely not be the first thing that would come to your mind – even to them. But keep in mind that Aries people are spontaneous; they are up for anything as long as it is something cool and does not involve lying in bed all day. Since they are the kind of people that likes to be challenged, doing these with them would be 5 times more fun and thrilling.

5. Go somewhere they have never been to

An Aries would want to spend more time with you in situations that are not conventionally romantic. You could bring them to the newly opened bar downtown, or watch the performance of a local band at the restaurant. It does not matter, just make sure to bring them where the action is.

Creative Ideas For Dates With An Aries

6. Watch the latest movie or TV series

Nothing screams fun date night more than hitting the cinemas and seeing the latest thriller movie. Have you seen how amazing that mind-bending documentary-series is on Netflix? Hopefully not, because watching it together with an Aries would be more exciting. They love figuring things out on their own and stopping themselves from screaming because of jump scares. This might not be an outdoor activity or something that requires much energy, but an Aries would certainly enjoy the time they would spend with you.

Dating in general is exhausting; it can be intimidating and challenging, especially if you’re going out with someone you do not know that much. An Aries would spice things up for you, as much as you are willing to do the same for them. They easily get bored, so it is a little tricky to make sure that they are interested in you as time passes by.

You might also take note that these people live life on the fast lane. Yes, they do settle down with someone that excites them, but if your relationship stops chasing the highs, running towards the cliff of a mountain, or having the most fun out of a boring Saturday, do not expect them to stick around any longer. Now, stop overthinking and start planning that action-packed date.


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