Learn more about the Aries symbol. Find out about the Aries zodiac sign’s origin and meaning as well as an overview of its mythology.

Every single day, sometimes without even knowing it, people encounter and even ask for signs. You interact with signs whenever you drive and try to figure out if you can make a left or a U-turn.

You ask for signs whenever that one person is taking two days to respond to your DMs, and you’re asking the universe if you should just move on. Signs can hold more depth and meaning than you originally thought, and this same principle applies to the symbols or glyphs that represent zodiac signs as well.

If you’re an Aries, or if for some reason this zodiac sign just really interests you, then you’re in for a treat. Keep on reading to learn more about the Aries symbol, including its origin and meaning for the Aries sign.

aries zodiac sign symbol origin and meaning

Aries Symbol: Learn The Origin and Meaning for the Aries Zodiac Sign

Before jumping right into the ram and all its worldly significance, let yourself take a step back and ponder on this question: why are there symbols or glyphs for zodiac signs in the first place? To answer that question, you must know the zodiac actually refers to a belt around the heavens that corresponds to the apparent path of the Sun.

That belt is divided into 12 equal portions, each corresponding to one zodiac sign, and within each portion is a constellation that depicts an animal representing that particular sign. This is where zodiac comes from, since it comes from the Greek term “zodiakos kyklos,” which means circle of animals.

Aries Ram Mythology


Aries is symbolized by a ram, and that has a lot to do with the mythology that surrounds it. In the Greek tradition, Aries is the winged, golden Ram that saved a certain Prince from impending doom.

Its fleece was also famously featured in the epic of Jason and the Argonauts. Egyptians have their own affinity with Aries and its constellation, since they associate it with their god of fertility Amon-ra, who is depicted as a man with a Ram’s head.

The use of the ram to symbolize Aries is pretty ingenious. In the ancient times, the battering ram was a siege contraption used to break down walls, doors, and gates. Metaphorically, this is something that an Aries has no trouble doing; they are strong-willed, assertive, and confident. This quality, of course, could be good or bad, depending on how they use it.

aries glyph symbol

The Aries Glyph

Just to get it out of the way, a glyph is simply a form of calligraphy that early astrologists would use to signify each zodiac constellation in their writings. Now, to represent the ram, the Aries glyph is a straight line cut in half, with each half pulled downward and slightly bent to symbolize the ram’s curved horns.

This is very telling of an Aries, who is a cardinal fire sign. A cardinal sign marks the beginning of their season, which makes them idea hubs and great initiators. Meanwhile, fire signs are generally characterized by bold determination and an insatiable lust for adventure and spontaneity. All that considered, you could be sure that when an Aries sets their eyes on something, it would be very impossible to get between that and their powerful horns.

Another way to look at the Aries glyph is to see it as a tiny leaf sprout. Aries is the very first zodiac sign. That said, they often stand for a fresh start and a blank slate, in the same way that that little sprout signifies spring and new beginnings.

The way that the Aries glyph sort of comes together into a single point at the bottom can also say something about the people it represents. A well-balanced and mature Aries can easily be the center of a group, sort of like the glue that holds together friendship groups. This may also be due to the fact that an Aries is determined, and that could help them keep things together more.

Unlike other zodiac signs, Aries doesn’t have a lot of other symbolisms, and that in itself is symbolic, too. An Aries is straightforward and direct; they don’t need a lot of things to know who they are and what they want out of life.


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