Trying to find out Aries personality traits? Here are some common characteristics and qualities of Aries zodiac signs.

Here’s a quick, fun game: What comes to mind when the names Robert Downey, Jr., Brendon Urie, and Conan O’Brien are mentioned? Alright take a few seconds to really internalize it… done? Okay, so all these famous men share one distinguishing factor: they are all an Aries! T

his makes perfect sense, since you probably thought the words high-spirited, fun, and adventurous when you read their names – and that’s exactly what an Aries is like, which is not surprising for a fire sign. Whether you’re a newbie with the whole astrology thing or not, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about these sexy, exciting beasts. Here are a few Aries personality traits for a male.

Aries Personality Traits For Males: Common Qualities Of Aries Signs

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Since Aries is associated with Ares, the Greek god of war, it’s no longer news that Aries men are typically masculine, ambitious, and bold. That screams Tony Stark, right? But just like everyone’s favorite genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, Aries men still have a few facets to their personality that may pleasantly surprise you. Here are a few.

They are spontaneous

The spontaneity of the Aries man can be a good or both thing, depending on how it manifests. When they’re at their best, Aries men would let their spontaneity take them on great adventures; they’re the type of people that would go backpacking in Europe with nothing but some cash, a couple shirts, and Swiss army knife and come back with friends and stories that could last a lifetime.

They’re also the kind of suitor that would send you a box of chocolates on an ordinary day, just because they felt like it. While this all sounds really fun and exciting, their spontaneity could also mean that they’d have trouble sticking to plans, especially if they think they could do something more interesting. That said, a well-balanced Aries man is really fun to be with all-year round.

Common Qualities Of Aries Signs

They are assertive

Nothing’s looks more attractive on a man than an air of confidence and authority – a fully-developed Aries man definitely ticks off those boxes. Being ruled by Mars has its advantages, and that includes being assertive enough to make sure that you get what you want, which is why Aries men are also infamous for making that dreaded first move.

Be warned, however, because the immature Aries man cannot properly place his assertion, and that could translate to a lot of petty fistfights and unnecessary arguments.

They are competitive

People don’t call it a competitive fire for no reason. This fire sign is definitely one of those people who take Monopoly and UNO to a different level. Being fiercely competitive, Aries men are meticulous about the rules of any game, so don’t even think about cheating if you’re competing against one.

This is also a big reason why a lot of Aries men are into playing sports. Just be careful, though, because that hunger to finish first may not always be a good thing – hey, get your mind out of the gutter. This just means that Aries men are sometimes tempted to do everything to win, even if it means bending the rules or making loved ones feel bad (they have no qualms about using that UNO reverse card).

Aries Personality Traits For Males

They are creatively intelligent

That insatiable need to keep moving and to not settle at one place for a long time can also translate into awe-inspiring ingenuity and intelligence. Aries men often get a bad rep for being childish (and, sometimes, that’s valid), but mature Aries men can actually be really smart, since they use their curiosity to explore uncharted terrain and unlock new possibilities.

If you’re lucky, you would have a great time working with an Aries man, since they are not afraid to push boundaries to achieve the goal. However, there still could be a downside to that. Since they are very strong-willed and assertive, Aries men usually push their own agenda, and may have a hard time listening to other people.

Their reputation definitely precedes them. People say that Aries men can be too hot-headed and unfocused. However, the same things that make Aries men hard to stand also contribute to their greatest strengths. Keep that in mind the next time you meet one, as it’s never good conduct to judge someone by their zodiac sign… most of the time.


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