Looking for certain Aries personality traits for females? Learn the common qualities and characteristics of Aries women.

Being a fire sign, Aries women have that sizzling personality you would definitely love having around. Aries is a cardinal sign that is ruled by the planet Mars, which means that they symbolize passion and action. Being full of energy and undeniable confidence is in their DNA.

They are a warrior, which makes perfect sense; Mars is the god of war in Greek mythology. If you’re here, you probably are dating a woman or got to meet new neighbor in town who is an Aries. While you should also take a look at their moon and descendant signs, learning about the traits of an Aries woman is the gateway to knowing them even more.

You might even guess their moon sign (if you’re really into astrology)! To help you get to know Aries women more, here are a few Aries personality traits for a female.

Aries Personality Traits For Females: Common Qualities Of Aries Women

Common Qualities Of Aries Women

They are spontaneous

Just like fire, Aries women can be uncontrollable. They are free-spirited and fiercely independent; you cannot tie them down.

You could ask them out for a brunch date or a trip to the beach over the weekend, and they would definitely give you an answer right away. In relation to this, Aries women could also be rash and impulsive. They are not known to be frugal – duh!

But on a lighter note, even if they are too quick to decide without thinking things through, they are great at getting things done – even if it’s based on an impulse. This could be connected to their impatience and unwillingness to sit back and see things unfold before their eyes. As said earlier, they are active, passionate, they want to be involved

Aries Personality Traits For Females

They love to argue

You might want to think twice before asking an Aries woman about the best ice cream flavor for they usually get into it and become argumentative. Often, they jump into conversations knowing only half of the facts and assuming that everyone would get on board with what they want.

Being an extremely competitive zodiac sign, do not expect them to back down from an argument. Arguments can get the best of an Aries woman, so do not be surprised if they become too dramatic.

It’s hard to get into a situation like this, so it would really do you good if you keep your cool and refrain from being too emotional. Pro-tip: Do you know how a bull looks at a red flag? If an Aries woman starts looking like that, you can start running away now (Kidding… Or not).

They are sexually hungry

Getting in bed with an Aries woman might just be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Upon meeting them, you would feel how strong and fierce their libido is; it’s telling of how they really know what they want, and they go for it.

They are all about physicality; a purely emotional or intellectual relationship would not cut it. One of the constant things an Aries woman would ask for is sex, so if you plan on keeping them for a while, do not deprive them of their sexual needs (and fantasies!).

Aries Woman Characteristics

They make a great partner

When it comes to love, an Aries woman is one of the most faithful, passionate, and supportive among all the zodiacs. Yes, they are free-spirited and independent, but when someone excites them, they would want to settle down in a matter of seconds. They are always straight to the point.

Gone are the days when you’d think about what you did wrong, since they’ll show you if they are mad and talk to you about it. However, if they lose interest, they are quick to let go of their partners. They yearn for freedom the moment they realize that they cannot match their partners’ energies.

Dealing with an Aries woman is trial by fire – literally and figuratively. You just have to be patient and understanding, but not too much. They would appreciate it too if you don’t beat around the bush and just tell them what’s up.

It is definitely a rollercoaster ride, but keeping an Aries woman around would make all the waiting-in-line-for-the-ride and feeling-sick-to-the-gut worth it.


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