Wondering what the worst characteristics Aries has? Here are some negative personality traits and weaknesses that Aries signs can work on.

Aries is a zodiac sign that is rules by Mars, who, coincidentally, is the god of war in Greek mythology. Long story short, these people are warriors. They are known to be fierce and confident, among other things.

Aries negative traits

Sometimes, they can also turn out to be controlling and argumentative. There really are two sides to a coin, right? Keeping an Aries around can get tedious; it requires a lot of work, patience, and understanding.

To help ease that burden, here are some negative traits and weaknesses of an Aries that you must look out for if you want to save yourself from a lot of trouble. If you are an Aries, knowing these might just help you to be more conscious towards your actions!

Aries Negative Traits and Weaknesses

aries weaknesses

They can be selfish

Since these people are warriors, one of their main concerns is their self-advancement. They would literally move heaven and earth just so they could have things their way, and in the process of doing so, they tend to be insensitive to the people around them.

Winning – even over the smallest of things – is something they value so much, sometimes even more than their relationships. Even if they have to exhaust all their energy and effort to the point of exhaustion, if it means that they would accomplish their goals, they would definitely go for it. Consider this a warning: if you come at a crossroads with an Aries, be extra careful with the things you will say.

They are short-tempered

In relation to the previous point, an Aries finds it hard – if not impossible – to control their anger. Working with them could take the fun out of all of it, as they are not keen to taking suggestions from other people.

If things turn out to be the total opposite of what they want or if someone is unsatisfied in what they do, they would be irritated and would tend to have an outburst of emotions. After all, the biggest problem of an Aries is that they do not know how to deal with their anger.

They lack patience

If an Aries wants something, they would turn every rock and move mountains to make sure that they get it. They are the walking definition of “instant gratification”. Sitting down and waiting for things to happen bores them. Being a fire sign, they continuously look for that spice to shake things up.

Otherwise, they would move on and find something else that would excite them. When it comes to failed plans, an Aries won’t take a moment to analyze the situation. Instead, they would jump and execute the next plan that pops to their mind without giving regard to its repercussions.

aries bad personality traits

They always seek for attention

Scratch that, they demand attention. An Aries would love to have the spotlight on them, and get irritated if they don’t. They would try their best to make all of the heads in the room turn to them; to be the center of attraction is what they aspire to be.

Apart from being competitive, they also aim to be better than their colleagues by doing tasks efficiently and effectively. If you’re struggling and you’re working with an Aries, don’t expect them to lend their hand; they won’t! Even if dragging you down means that they’d win, they won’t stop and think about leaving you hanging.

They are a candle in human form; they emanate fierceness, boldness, and confidence. You can expect them to always engage in activities that pumps their adrenaline, since they are known to be spontaneous and adventurous. But just like the candle, they could cause massive destruction as much as they could give hope to the people they surround themselves with. You would always want an Aries around; they are definitely the life of the party! And while it is important to be sensitive around people with this zodiac, they would also appreciate honesty and transparency. Do not be a pushover, you could always talk to them and be straightforward with your thoughts. Either way, no matter what your zodiac sign is, as a human being, you would always choose authenticity and genuineness any day.


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