Trying to find the best compatibility for love for the Aries zodiac sign? See what signs are most and least compatible with Aries signs.

At this point, it already feels a little suspicious when someone’s dating app profile doesn’t include their zodiac sign. This is because it’s not uncommon for people in today’s dating scene to ask about their potential partner’s sign as a not-so-discreet way to gauge compatibility.

If you felt compelled to click on this when you saw the title, then you’re probably here with a similar agenda. So, whether you’re one of those who truly believe in zodiac signs or you think they’re just for fun, here is a comprehensive rundown of love and dating compatibility for the first sign of the zodiac – Aries.

Aries Compatibility For Love: Best And Worst Signs For Dating

aries compatibility for love

What sign is an Aries most compatible with?

Aries is a fire sign, together with Leo and Sagittarius. In case you’ve been actively trying to avoid anything that has to do with astrology (because let’s face it, it’s everywhere these days), elements are just one of the many ways to classify zodiac signs.

Fire signs, as the name would imply, are generally passionate, impulsive, and high in energy. That all sounds fun and exciting until you remember that fire is also associated with burning out and burning things to the ground. And so, all things considered, which of the remaining zodiac signs are most compatible with the headstrong, confident Aries?

  • Sagittarius
    That’s right – Aries is best compatible with its fellow fire sign, Sagittarius. These two share the same soul. They’re both driven, adventurous, and outgoing, so you can expect them to always be off on a great adventure, chasing after the same high. While the Aries and Sagittarius couple knows how to have fun together, they can also respect each other’s independence. Be warned, though: the flame of their love is warm and blazing, but when things go south it’s just as destructive.

most compatible with aries zodiac sign

What other signs are an Aries most attracted to?

Believe it or not, Aries can also kick it back with a non-fire sign. Here are a few that an Aries can also be attracted to.

  • Gemini
    Aries can also have incredible chemistry and a solid friendship with Gemini, and that could easily lead to something more. Aries always looks for fun, and Gemini can certainly satisfy that desire. Since both signs are motivated by instant gratification, one big speedbump that this couple could face is moving too fast and burning out before they can say ‘I love you.’ That said, it’s best for these two signs to be slightly cautious and take it slow – that is, if they want things to last.
  • Libra
    The age-old saying “opposites attract” rings loud and true for this Aries and Libra couple. While Aries is a fighter who always who can sometimes be too headstrong and impulsive, Libra is a lover whose patient nature makes them all the wiser. When they do things right, these two balance each other out perfectly. Aries can effectively challenge Libra’s deep fear of conflict, while Libra can motivate Aries to keep a cooler head. Compromise is key to keep this couple’s differences from being a constant annoyance.

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What signs are an Aries least compatible with?

Unsurprisingly, not everyone is keen on Aries’ reckless, even child-like disposition, including these two signs:

  • Virgo
    You know that stereotypical married couple that has one who does nothing but nag their spouse and another who’s just obviously waiting for death’s sweet embrace? That’s Virgo and Aries for you. Virgo’s detail-oriented nature clashes with Aries’ couldn’t-care-less attitude. Unless Aries decides to grow up for love, these two rarely stand a chance.
  • Cancer
    It makes sense why a fire sign wouldn’t work out with a water sign, but it’s an especially difficult match between Aries and Cancer. The latter is giving and nurturing, and since they expect their partner to be the same, they might interpret Aries’ cluelessness as malicious selfishness (which isn’t really the case). There’s just a lot of uneasy tension between these two, so it might be best to keep them apart.

To be clear, Aries’ zest for life isn’t always automatically a bad thing; sometimes, it’s just what anyone would need to bring a bit more fun and excitement in their life, no matter what their sign is. Just keep in mind that not everything is dictated by zodiac signs – especially when it comes to love.


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