Wondering if Aries and Aries make a good couple? Here is Aries and Aries compatibility for love, life, and friendship.

Imagine, if you can, a couple who both emulate the personality of Robert Downey, Jr. Exciting? Dynamic? A train wreck? Whatever it is that came to mind, that is what it might be like to have an Aries and Aries pairing. Like everyone else who shares his zodiac sign, RDJ, arguably the most well-known Aries, is adventurous and a self-admitted risk-taker.

Having two people who share the same unique, intense qualities can make or break a relationship. Curious about whether this pairing blazes on for a lifetime or goes down in flames? Here is a comprehensive look into Aries and Aries’ compatibility in love and life.

Aries and Aries Compatibility In Love And Life

Aries And Aries Compatibility In Love And Life

Aries and Aries Compatibility in Love

Have you ever witnessed just how fast fire can consume anything it touches just from one spark? If you have, then that’s a pretty accurate visual representation of how quickly these two can heat things up once they get started.

Since they are the same sign, they are incredibly familiar with what the other person might be into – because they’re most likely into the same things! These two can fuel each other’s fire for as long as they want, so if you’re ever put in a situation where you need to live with an Aries and Aries couple, it’s definitely a good idea to learn how to knock.

An Aries, being ruled by the planet Mars, which is all about everything masculine and passionate, is naturally drawn to anything that might have even the slightest scent of adventure. For this reason, this same-sign couple never gets bored. They’re that couple that goes hiking on the opposite side of the country one weekend and goes to wine country the next. Because they understand each other at a fundamental level, they never have to worry about being overly clingy and possessive.

Each person in an Aries and Aries couple definitely values their partner’s freedom just as much as their own, and that also speaks volumes about the deep level of trust that these two have for each other. They’re as loyal as a dog, and they both know that even without asking.

Perhaps the biggest challenge that this couple can face in their relationship is butting heads and stepping on each other’s toes. As a cardinal sign, Aries revels in taking leadership-roles and demanding for things to go their way, so you’d understand how that could be difficult. Here’s one word that can help with that: compromise.

Aries And Aries Compatibility In Love And Life

Aries and Aries Compatibility in Life

It’s not always easy being the loudest person in the room, so when an Aries encounters another Aries, it’s possible for them to feel a sort of natural kinship. It’s not difficult to imagine them admiring each other’s head fastness, especially since that’s a characteristic that other people (ehem, water signs) can often take the wrong way.

That being said, it’s also very possible for an Aries to see a fellow Aries as competition, someone who can threaten their control over things and make it difficult for them to push their own thoughts and agendas. When that happens, things can escalate surprisingly fast, and tempers can already be through the roof before other people even realize what’s happening. This is why it’s perhaps for the best to keep things slow and chill when an Aries is around a fellow Aries, because they’re not the type of people who back down from a fight, no matter how irrational or petty it may be.

Believe it or not, this brand of stubbornness can also make an Aries like a fellow Aries. Imagine two mad scientists who are hell-bent on coming up with the world’s next big invention, so much so that they endanger themselves along the way.

That is exactly what an Aries and Aries friendship would seem like. More than that, however, no other sign can see the emotional availability of an Aries but a fellow Aries. They know that the stereotype that Aries’ are emotionless doesn’t carry as much weight as people think.

Honestly, it really can go either way with any same-sign relationship: they could either be each other’s soulmates, or they can be too much for each other since they’re too similar. For Aries, the stakes are even higher because everything with them (except for the emotional aspect perhaps) gets dialed to 100. It’s high risk, for sure, but it’s also high reward.


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